Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABC Network Corporation & Town Hall Meeting

Following is a communication received this a.m. from the Co-ordinator of the Albuquerque Tea Party.

"ABC is going to the White House on the 24th of June to hold a townhall on health care and has specifically refused any participation by someone with a different point of view (response to Republican National Committee was flat, "Not going to invite anyone to Republican alternative.") To protest the health care reform and that kind of blatant media bias, tell people to show up with a sign at the corner of Carlisle and Comanche in front of KOAT, our local ABC affiliate, at 6 PM on June 24. But tell people to remember that it is ABC Corporate that made this decision, not KOAT, so be respectful and polite and just ask them to "pass it on to Corporate." These "mini-rallies" will be taking place all over the nation.

Pass the word and post where you can. This is NOT an ATP sponsored event as there are many groups working together."

Sylvia Bokor Comments:
It should not be necessary to point out that a town hall is specifically understood to mean "open to the public to express one's point of view." Of course, as a business enterprise, ABC Network Corporation has a right to invite whom they want. But it's noteworthy that the ABC Corporation refuses participation of those with a different viewpoint:

First, it contradicts the principle of free speech---which one might hope the media would be willing to defend. Evidently not.

Second, it underscores something I'm running into as I help the Albuquerque, NM Tea Party distribute flyers: some businesses are scared of government retaliation to take a position that is contrary to the Administration's socialist polices and programs. Thankfully, however, most small and middle size businesses are showing courage to speak up for their individual rights.

Third, it shows an exceedingly dangerous trend as government becomes more involved in control of communications, nationalizes businesses, tells corporate CEO's what to do, and continues to increase the enormous power of the Treasury---all of which is done without much objection.

Censorship is THE most deadly threat to our freedom. With many in the media presently writing outright lies about the Tea Parties, this latest attack on dissenting viewpoints should galvanize us all to a concerted and renewed effort to peititon the government to limit itself to its proper and only job: the protection of individual rights.

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