Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tweets Posted Last Week

Nov 8, 2010:
Understanding what capitalism is: “Capitalism is a social system in which all property is privately owned.”

At present we have a “mixed-economy,” meaning some freedoms and many regulations.

Capitalism is founded upon the moral principle of individual rights. Regulations violate rights by imposing limitations upon freedoms.

Nov 9, 2010:
Capitalism is a process of voluntary trade. It requires men be free to choose, set goals and decide how they want to achieve those goals.

Capitalism means those with capital are free to voluntarily take risks and make a profit or not.

Capitalism means that investors & businesses are not to be bailed out if they fail. Capitalism requires individual responsibility

Capitalism means those who seek loans take responsibility for re-paying them & that lenders are not forced to make loans they deem risky.

Nov 10, 2010:
Capitalism means that men have the right to save their money & will not be forced to support those they do not choose to support.

Capitalism means that those who choose to help the indigent will not be stopped.

Capitalism means that those who offer a product consumers want won't be penalized as some companies presently are---e.g., Microsoft.

Capitalism means that Americans will not be forced to subsidize a product consumers don't---for example, modern art.

Nov 11, 2010:
Capitalism means that those who want to farm their land are free to do so but may not force others to support them---i.e. gov't subsidies.

Capitalism means those who want a good education are free to seek one but may not force others to pay for it.

Capitalism means that those who want a house are free to build or buy one but may not force others to pay for it.

Capitalism means individualism. Individualism means a military dedicated to freedom---in intellect & physical courage. Thank you, American military.

Nov 12, 2010:
Capitalism means that those who want a job are free to create or apply for one but may not force others to provide one.

Capitalism means that one requests a raise in salary but mat not force an employer to give it, or vote themselves one, e.g. gov't officials.

Capitalism means that those who want to form a union may do so but may not force a company to accept it or an employee to join it.

Nov 13, 2010:
Capitalism means that those who want to build a library for a community are free to do so but may not force others to support it.

Capitalism means that disputes be settled in courts of objective law and that lawmen & judges be held accountable for their actions.

Capitalism means that the initiation of force is prohibited and those who initiate it are punished---including gov't officials.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Raise Money by Cutting Government

On Sunday night, October 31, CBS 60 minutes reported, "David Stockman, Ronald Reagan's budget director who once preached tax cuts, is now in favor of putting a one-time surtax on the rich."

Mr. Stockman said more. He remarked "both the Democrats and the Republicans were lying to the American people regarding the need to lower taxes."

He said that it would be the worse thing to do at this time because of the trillion+ dollar debt. He listed Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, food stamps and other welfare programs that had to be taken care of.

At the same time, on the same program small businessmen in Newton, Iowa were interviewed, their story sympathetically reported. The story reported a truly devastating situation in a town (population 14,000) that had once been a busy and important supplier to other businesses. Now it is being destroyed by Obama's socialist policies.

Clearly Mr. Obama and Mr. Stockman have something in common. They both are in favor of "soaking the rich"---the one sphere where savings and investments could re-establish loans and free-markets. One has to wonder at this alliance. Both Obama and Stockman clearly believe that money can be magically generated in American pockets ad infinitum to pay for risky mortgage loans, irresponsible bailouts, propping up government agencies and failed business, such as AIG, another child of government intervention in the economy.

What neither mentions is that there is a very good way to raise money and not raise taxes. But no government official and/or employee---ex-or otherwise---ever mention the obvious.

Yes, things are in shambles---thanks to government intervention in our economy. But there is nothing realistic about raising taxes on anyone---the rich included.

Consider the following.

1. Literally hundreds of regulatory agencies and commissions employ thousands of workers. American taxpayers pay their salaries. Discontinue their employment and stop a sink-hole of wasteful spending.

2. There are at present over 2 million government workers. American taxpayers pay their salaries. Discontinue their employment. Another dollar drain stopped.

3. Elected officials are given on average $164,000 per year for the highly questionable "work" they do. Multiply that average by 535. American taxpayers pay for that. Cut elected officials pay 75%. Get rid of the jets and the helicopters and the free meals and travel expenses. More money saved.

4. The cost of maintaining government buildings in D.C. alone comes to staggering millions of dollars. American taxpayers pay for that. By shutting down government agencies and discontinuing the employment of federal workers, those buildings can be rented out or sold to private enterprise. This would save more millions of dollars.

5. The government claims that it owns millions of acres of our nation's land. Sell the land to private individuals. Use the money to pay the bills the government has incurred.

Why is it that the American taxpayers are forever forced to pay for government fiascoes? Why is it that government officials never think of cutting their own salaries and expenses but expect American taxpayers to tighten their belts instead?

Time to set out priorities properly. Get rid of big government and save a trillion dollars or so of irresponsible, useless, wasteful and damaging spending.

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