Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trouncing CREDO With Capitalism

CREDO is the name of a political activist organization that has replaced ACORN.

It has an nice web site---http://www.workingforchange.com/ Using only black and a soft blue-green pastel, it looks fresh and clean and invites easy reading without many distracting colors, boxes and bars. The layout is simple and easily navigated, the content is provided in a good size font easy to read.

On the left side of the site is a list of current events with brief paragraphs stating what CREDO is against or for, and includes admonitions to take various actions. On the right side of the site is a feature entitled "Mobile CREDO."

Here's an overview of some of the "issues" on the site. The lead paragraph links to a blog entitled "Praying for Palin." The blog post is a sanctimoniously cowardly attack blaming Mrs. Palin for the Tucson shooting. The site writer then hops to filibuster reform, then abortion, then declares that "We must put a stop to the escalating hate rhetoric of the right and its very specific calls to armed violent act." Then back to filibuster reform, to the riots in Egypt, to bashing John Boehner and the Tea parties. Next it's the Koch brothers "and their Tea Party funding cabal," then over to "U.S. evangelicals spreading hate in Uganda," and on to the Chamber of Commerce. And so forth and so on.

The funniest statement on this site is the charge that Ayn Rand "secretly applied for Medicare and Social Security." The statement is, of course, merely the writer's public announcement of the absence of gray matter between his own ears.

The Left's "argument" boils down to the claim that those who were forced to pay into a system over which they had no say and no control may not request return of their money in the form of Social Security payments, nor seek redress of funds through Medicare. In other words, the robbed has no right to request a return of his money from the robber.

To the Leftists, to want your money back "contradicts" your view that Social Security and government health care is wrong. That point of view certainly squares with Leftist's philosophy, which is that only those who did not pay into the system should be given government money.

As in almost everything else, Leftists do not have a grasp of principles. Their frantic demand to be taken care of has caused in them a serious break with reality. The extent of that break is evident in CREDO's harangues to run from "crisis" to "crisis." Let them.

Meanwhile, those of us who advocate individual rights, limited government and free-markets will make significant strides. How? By showing people how capitalism works, and that it is for them as individuals---not as a nest of ants.

I started doing that on Twitter some months ago. I was surprised that the number of followers jumped from zero per day to 2 a day. A lot of people are interested in learning how capitalism works and why it's the only moral system devised by man.

Here are some Tweets I posted in the past and will be posting in the future:

Capitalism allows men to rise by choice---not by force--to whatever level they can. The ambitious create large markets.

The welfare state hampers the ambitious through regulation.

In capitalism, small businesses proliferate, supported by large businesses. Support industries surrounding large companies are an example.

The welfare state hinders small business employment by taking money from the able to give to the less able, thus encouraging stagnation.

Capitalism frees men to function to the best of their ability.

The welfare state penalizes the able through regulation and progressive taxes and forces the less able into dependency.

To phase out gov't interference in the economy and to phase in capitalism, the first step is to de-regulate.

---End Tweets-------

FYI: An acquaintance of mine reminded me of the following quote, which identifies a principle that is applicable to many contexts. Because I have touched on differences between capitalism and the welfare state, it is highly appropriate here.

“The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.” --- St. Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274, Italian Scholastic Philosopher and Theologian


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